Thursday, September 01, 2005

What is a co-parent

Ok a co-parent is a parent who plays an active part in your children's welfare, upbringing and life without playing the partner role to the mother of your children.

In essence I have joint responsibility to my children and play a very active part in their well being without living in the same house as their mum. Whilst many fathers are active, my involvement is not just around set times but playing a full role in decision making for their future.

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Thank you...its nice to find a proper 'dad'

battypatty said...

hmm - when people drink champagne they often say "ooo, the bubbles are going up my nose" - not quite the same saying "ooo, the bubbles are coming down my nose" LOL. I can tell by the tone of the blogs now that you are getting better - champing at the bit to be out and doing. Just think on Nigel - listen to your body not your brain. Your body is in charge now and you need to rest even if it is boring. Listen to big sis or she will come round and give you grief - ha ha ha. xxxxx