Friday, October 07, 2005

Day 48/49/50 - Normality

It is Day 51 and this afternoon I am off to Cornwall for a short well earned break.

I survived my first week back in London. I ma working from home today which takes a little of the physical pressure off what has been a tiring week. My main concern was my voice standing up the rigors of full time work. I have been able since Sunday to find enough potions to keep my horrific tounge ulcer at bay to enable me to eat, drink and talk. I must admit with the various cocktails of potions quality of life was pretty poor.

I must admit I did not expect the welcome back I got. People who I had hardly known shaking my hand and hugging me, there was a genuine welcome for me which was very emotional. I felt safe, well looked after, comfortable which in a city such as London is a blessing.

I am off to Zennor later today, still yawning, still tired but I am sure a couple day in South West Cornwall can only be R&R after all treatment finished 51 days away and still the after effects of chemo and RT linger on.

N x

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