Sunday, October 16, 2005

Day 55 - Day 60 - Life goes on- some thank yous

Well it is nearly a week since I posted here. Why the delay, well I suppose it is about having something witty, fun, or morose about my own condition to say.

I had another week of work and spent time in London. I witnessed Beaver Cars in action on my long train journey and managed to have a row with queue jumpers at the Odeon trying to get into see Wallace and Gromitt at the Odeon. Having the energy to challenge is a sure sign I am getting better!

I am very tired each evening, it is a different sort of tired my body aches and the yawns cause me problems. Yawning can be quite dangerous, you see I have no muscle structure on the left side of my neck so a yawn tears at operation lines and tends to cause the left hand side to freeze imagine doing driving. I have your whole head goes into spasm and you cannot move it looks hilarious to onlookers but its bloody painful and a tad dangerous at 70 mph, ok 55 mph in the camper! I lied.

I have however never taken cocaine for the record! Just in case I get called on the stand for election in teh next few months.

I can deal with the tiredness = sleep however there has been a marked change in the last week. Since RT finished I have been dribbling at night getting away without having a dry mouth, however in the last week there is no saliva left in my mouth. I tend to awake about 4am with a dry mouth it has no fluid in it at all and your throat, tounge and mouth feel like they have seized up like an engine with oil. I combat it with water, oral saliva replacement gel, but these tend to only work about for about 3 hours so my sleep is broken and when I wake up it is very uncomfortable as my lips are coated with a white film and prising my lips apart is quite difficult. Throw in my sore shoulder from the operation and the first 30 mins of waking up are pretty poor.

Things have improved on the ulcer front I am checking it everyday it seems to subsiding and the only problem I tend to get with it is during those dry mouth nights where it is exposed to air and boy does it remind me it is still there.

So things are generally good at the moment. I have lots of thanks to say to people and I am not sure how to say them and show I mean them. So over the next few weeks I will cut down the postings to three a week, unless anything dramatic happens - like my next Joint Head & Neck Clinic on the 24th Oct! I will however be saying thank you to lots of people for being my friend, loyal and there for me.

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Orpah said...

Mm, well, look on the bright side, at least you can be sure with your mouth firmly closed there's no chance of swallowing any stray flys or spiders! :-)