Monday, March 27, 2006

Trebles all round!

Fact of the day: £1.25 million given by CEO of Capita to the Labour party, £1 billion the estimated value of government contracts awarded to Capita last year. Say no more squire!

If I were a sixty six year old athlete with a passion for bus travel and champagne I would be rejoicing today at the news from the chancellor that we would be better off. I wasted sixty minutes of Gordon Brown delivering his budget speech and realised I did not understand a bloody word he said.

I was waiting for news on my pension, I have a self invested pension which I can access early plus the lump sum £12.50p after April 6th. I was trying to ensure that Gordon did not lop off my opportunity to retire early on my pension of £3000 per annum! The penison things does not inspire me, but all I know is that it is an asset and it is mine!

I had some good news today that I will move on from my lofty pitch here on the banks of the River Humber and relocate to the Wash, well Suffolk for my next assignment, which fortunately FLYBE locost airline, an oxymoron there somewhere, operate to Norwich international airport. I have been working in Grimsby for the last 4 months, it is no paradox, it is called Grimsby, after all you can still buy a three bed roomed house here under £80k.

The people are great, I work in an all woman office, it refreshing to work in a enviornment which is not challenging, caring and fun.

It will be sad to leave Graet Grimsby as I wanted to prove I could work again. I am pleased to say the answer is yes and how rewarding is that.

Keep attacking!

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