Monday, June 02, 2008

3 year all clear

The wait at the specialist clinic was only 90 minutes late this time. An emergency delayed everything! Interesting point but it happens every time. From a customer service perspective it hard to get angry with the people that saved your life and may do in the future so you chill and smile, underneath seethe.

Today's appointment gave me the all clear. As it is my 3rd year appointment I now move to a 4 monthly appointment regime. I also have the emergency call in process if I feel things are wrong, which have worked well in the past 3 years.

I gave Jeanette my usual hug when leaving the ward but also had in the back of my mind "I hope I have my husband back now"

Her comment were not flippant but serious. I am a pain in the week leading up to my 3/4 monthly check up only to be expected but those you are closest to you notice it. I suppose if you have not been through an experience it is difficult to explain but there is no excuse for being a grumpy old man.

Cancer can make you insular, perhaps a warning for us all talk about your fears of impending hospital visits rather than hiding behind a mask.

So things are fine lest keep attacking and see what the next 3 years bring.

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