Monday, March 16, 2009

This is the reason for my blog.

I started my blog nearly 4 years and as you may see I am pretty rubbish at keeping it up to date. I do however get mail from time to time from people who need help and advice and on the night before the 4th anniversary of finding my lymph gland lump on my neck I feel I should share one such mail that did touch me.

Keep attacking!

  It may be strange to send a note to a complete stranger, but I wanted to thank you for posting your blog. My 49 year old brother in law starts his first round of heavy doses of chemo tomorrow for his battle with tonsil cancer that has metastasized and spread throughout his body. He prognosis is not good ( stage 4 with bilateral lymph node involvement and in his bloodstream) and will be having similar treatments, radiation, neck dissection etc, that you endured during your battle with cancer. I wanted to thank you for your honest, scary and completely amazing story. You are giving hope to many people in my family. I read your complete journal in an afternoon to try to better understand what my sister and her husband and children are possibly going to have to go through. I am sorry you suffered. I think we all may be better prepared for what is to come due to your painfully honest and complete story. I hope you are happy, well and that you continue to live a good life. My family thanks you very much.

I have obviously taken the name out of the email but when all seems rubbish and the credit crunch bites spare a thought for those amazing people fighting, cancer, starvation and those fantastic people who help fight it!

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