Friday, April 17, 2009

Always believe that you can reach your dream

I have awoke early and in my inbox is an email.

I have never met Sarah but have in my mind and heart. That may sound strange but when you have sat where Sarah has you will know what I allude to.

I have replied to Sarah that is between us but for all you others who are fighting or nursing love ones through just look at the courage of Sarah from her email below.

Dear Nigel,

Please accept my apologies for this intrusion. You don't know me, but i wanted to thank you for posting your blog - it has been my guide and companion over the last 6 weeks and I am grateful that you took the time to detail your experiences so honestly, allowing me to gain insight into what was in store for me. I know it's been some time now since you were dealing with cancer, but I came across your blog after reading your posts on the mouth cancer awareness sight. The forums there were getting me down and your strong responses really stood out - you were writing what i had been thinking. I have since read and re-read your blog to track my progress against yours as i make my way through a very similar treatment plan.

I am 37 and was diagnosed was a cancer on my tongue back in November. I had surgery and I am now in week 6 (of 6) of RT and have had 2 rounds of cisplatin. As I write, I know i have just 4 more RT sessions to go, but life is very miserable and i just want to stop now. I know that you had very serious health issues in your last weeks of RT and wondered whether you finished the complete course of RT? I am thinking of packing it in and wondered if you made it through to the end?Apologies again for intruding, but thank you for the blog. It has been a big support to me.

Best wishes Sarah

Sarah if you are reading go watch this you tube video it makes me cry - why because I remember the pain of so badly wanting to reach the dream of freedom from cancer and treatment. Sarah I knwo you are over the treatment now - it will be 2 to a month before the pain in your mouth and throat starts to subside - be strong it does get better I promise!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Nigel,
I came back to your sight today to once again track my progress against yours. I am now 28 days beyond the end of my treatment. I did manage to finish the full dose of RT after all, and I am now slowly getting better and beginning to remember the person I used to be.

Thanks for your encouragement and support, and thanks again for the blog.

very best wishes