Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 years today - alive and cured - this was 5 years ago!

The first cuckoo of the summer invades the morning peace. The collared dove is removed from their lofty perch. The prize of the dawn chorus taken over by this summer waker of dreams.

The ghostly Yew standing majestic against the Azure sky stands bold as the sun hits it's lush coat.

The trees dance like a banner waving in the wind showing their true colours.
Gold, pink, red and crimson all lit up in the summers dawn radiant now after the winter chills.

A dawn of expectation , a dawn of Summer a new dawn which is here today. Like the cuckoo let's not let it steal our World let's live our today for today the 18th Of May.

Views and sounds from the garden at 0600 today enjoy today.

Five years ago I cried my eyes out after being told I had cancer - five years later this very day I am cured - long live the 18th of May


joven said...

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Hayley said...

Absolutely fantastic news! So happy for you - you're an inspiration. xx