Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This could have been me - as a Rugga man I owe it!

Tony a Rugga man, a family man, a brave man with a family decided his life had come to and end through a stroke.  This we we saw film producer end his life throwing himself off a LA bridge.

Tony tried to get the courts to recognise his human right to die in peace and without pain.  High Court judges decided that "despite the overwhelming evidence and sympathy it was for parliament to decide not them" 

Instead Tony starved himself of food and medicine for 7 days and he died - I suspect a slow death whilst the GB I was proud of two weeks ago watched and whinced.

The GB parliament allowed him to die a slow and painful death - despite the fact he was of sound mind.

Having been in that position whereby a deliberating illness could take your life and you want to die society stands back and watches you die is frankly wrong.

Tony's death is a watershed and legacy is simple - those of sound mental state and sound judgement should be allowed the right to die in dignity - not the slow painful way he did - shame on you GB!!!!!

I think this could be my calling.

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