Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The blog today is written from the floor in the indoor play area at Bicton Park. Sixty plus acres of park built around the start of the 19th century. There is the obligatory cafe, trinket shop, woodlands railway and outdoor death slides. It sits in the red Devon sandstone hills at the start of the Jurassic Coast. Will and Ellen are off making friends and their dad is consigned to the floor as the ankle biters(children) surround the adults like the scenes from the Western films where by the poor rehearsed white settler Americans were massacred by those nasty Indians. After all John Wayne wanted was to raid their tribal lands, steal their cattle, murder their children and commit genocide. History presents different views on life.

At the moment one in three of these vibrant young children in this room will get cancer. One in three of their parents either have or will get cancer. Cancer is no different to those films, it is the Indian fighter surrounding the wagon train but in our case the train is our frail fragile bodies.The news yesterday was dominated by plans to launch a tactical nuclear missile. Tatctical means the same devastating effects that occurred in Japan in 1945. The huge human and of course actual cost of war could be better spent dealing with the World's hypocrisy to deadly illness. Surely money would be well spent increasing the chances of not getting cancer to one in four or five rather tactically killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people. How can you tactically kill innocent people?The noise here masks a fear. I was showering yesterday and noticed a small red circle on my right wrist about a centimetre in diameter with a clear white centre. It could be just a scratch or it could be SCC. My infected tonsil has SCC the same cancer that causes skin cancer. Of course I have not got cancer well not officially but I may have. It is only a natural reaction to fear the worse.

To reflect on what could be a second cancer coming. It most proberly is not cancer but it could be. It could be a scratch, it could be a wound from gardening. I am going to resist the temptation to self diagnose I got it so wrong last year.

However last year the Easter weekend marked the start of the illness period and I'm determined this year to not let the same happen again.I will wait until Monday then start medical intervention if it does not seem to go away I will not hang around.Anyway brave face time the kids want ice creams. Smile joke and act as if nothing happens fuck I want to scream and cry. Irrational I know but cancer makes you irrational.

Next time u see your MP ask them what are u doing to ease the pain of millions at home rather than causing it!

Keep attacking Ferryman

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Anonymous said...

Monday is a bank holiday..., Tuesday your surgery will be heaving...tomorrow is Joe Bloggs Ordinary Thursday, get a five minute emergency appointment and shove you wrist under his/her nose and see what they might enjoy your chocolate egg more!