Monday, April 03, 2006

Cancer free! "nuff said"

Trebles all round, joint head and neck clinic result today = cancer free see you in two months. Needs no further comment :)


El Vendedor de Ata├║des... said...

Hello Mr. Nigel,

Congratulations to you and your family for your HUGE victory against cancer; when cancer is still a ferocious and insatiable enemy and people are still succumbing to it, news of people like you, victorious, are the best that is...

Congrats again and even though I've only read the good news, I promise I will read the rest of your log, but with a smile both in my face and in my heart, because you're free again.


Chris said...

You know that you have someone with you to face the rest of your challenges. With you every step of the way.
Chris x