Sunday, April 02, 2006

Job done!

Ouch it hurts, after 1.20 minutes of running through the lanes and paths of my village, and the help of the 3 great strangers all with stories to tell who helped me over the line I did it 10k.
My feet have seized up, they always did in my running days, like a cramp, means that I cannot walk for a few hours, well days, but hey been through worse pain.

I raised £572. 18 for cancer research thank you so much to those who donated
it made it all worth it.

There were a few secret tears before the race I found a quiet spot away from the lycra clad running partners to look at the river, my river the river Exe. When I was younger I use to slip away to the banks of the river Exe and contemplate life. Now living 30 metres away from it, it has shared my pain. Last summer it shared tears, fears and hopes for days like this.
From the castle I could see the sun shimmering away on the river and cried. I cried in relief, cried for joy, cried for William and Ellen.

As I crossed the line there they were, and also Orp my dear friend, yes friend who helped me through with others, Sarah, Jan, Dom Pat my sister, Ron my brother in law, Kevin, Steve and my other dear friends who helped me get me in the wet grounds of Devon Castle.

Thank you to all of you, lets hope that our £572.18p will go to ensuring that in our life time cancer becomes a preventable illness.

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