Saturday, July 02, 2005

Day 41 - Boat on drive and letter published!

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12:00 - 02 July 2005
I read Colin Richey's pathetic attempt to criticise the Government's proposition to ban smoking from public places and Gordon Howells' ridiculous attempt to slate the work of the NHS. Just five weeks ago, I was diagnoised with cancer of the tonsil that had infected a left sided lymph gland. In less than a week the tonsil, 32 lymph glands and an impacted wisdom tooth were removed from my neck.

The consultant, Mr McCellan, and his team and Otter ward at the RD &E were NHS professionals, who needed no private funding intervention, but acted quickly and swiftly to give me an opportunity to see my children grow up. Within two weeks of the surgery, my mask for my radiation and my dates for chemotheraphy were ready. Monday sees the start of my radiation and chemo theraphy.

It is clear that the NHS is not the shambles Mr Howells attempts to make it out to be and the funding, processes, and delivery of the professionals are spot on. They have given me a chance to live - a chance so many are not so lucky to have. Mr Howells' view has more to do with political dogma than facts.

My cancer is a 'smoker's' cancer. I am 41 and have kept fit all of my life, and was still running and cycling the week before my operation. I ate healthily, perhaps had much more wine than I should, but never smoked.

It is clear to everyone from the front of cigarette packets and the words "smoking kills" that passive smoking could be the cause of my cancer.

I fight a battle for my life not knowing whether years of working in smoke-filled bars, offices and railway carriages were to blame. Many organisations such as Wetherspoons, railway, airline and bus companies know smoking kills and have banned it.

I have never been a member of the smoking police but it is clear that in the 21st century we should not expose people to the risks of passive smoking. I would urge public places to adopt the stance taken by Tim Martin, of Wetherspoons, and where possible, reduce all risk of passive smoking which in turn will cause cancer.

My advice to Messrs Richey and Howells is 'get a life', which involves using their energy in a more constructive way which could involve an allotment, long walks or, better still, donating your time to fundraising for charities Force, Hospiscare or Cancer Research and find out the real facts.

Nigel Gooding

Royal Way, Starcross


mazzagee said...

Well you have been busy whilst I've been away. Thought you might. Seems to me you have been on the train as much as the bus, but I'm sure you are hanging on to your ticket as tight as ever. Sounds like it anyway. Comes to mind also that you are taking on board much more about other people too, which can only be good. Hope you are through looking back into the past as there is nothing to be gained really only heartache. If you dwell on the ugly you might be blinded to the beauty. Look forward and you might see how much there is to strive for rather than looking back and grieving for what might have been in the past. We all have to play the hand we are dealt. Unfortunately, as you will be well aware of, some hands are better than others. Look how blessed you are now. What beauty you have at your fingertips. A view of open water right outside your own home. What some people would give for that. The chance to view life in such a way that not many others get. You have the opportunity of looking at life from the point of view of someone threatened with death. That is quite a challenge. There are some peculiar things that happen to us in life and we do not know why. Maybe you were threatened with this cursed sickness for a good reason. I am confident you will see what that is and take the bull by the horns and use this chance to the greatest of advantages, simply because of your positive attitude, which you seem to have found from somewhere despite the terrible life you have described. Don't worry there are going to be many more opportunities for you to simply think and you will be surprised how much you have inside of you to bring out. Use it wisely and I feel confident you will find the reason why you are being tried in this way. 'Keep on trucking'as they say.

battypatty said...

you have some very wise friends, bro. Read and inwardly digest. xx

Nigel said...

I have no idea who the poster is that is half the fun!