Thursday, July 07, 2005

Day 46 - PERNOD Moments

Well this is an early post as I manage to survive the night, without trauma caused by sickness.

I think I am pregnant, well I have the same feeling as all the girls tell me that you feel when you are pregnant, you desperately want to sick but cannot be. Well last night I had what I call a PERNOD experience, I went to the kitchen and started preparing food and even the smell of something innocent as a cheese roll made be want to be violenty sick. It is in the book and despite the anti sickness I did manage one session of a PERNOD moment. The PERNOD moment was a rather silly night I had 18 when as a college student I thought it was cool to drink PERNOD neat. I spent virtually all evening trying to rid that horrible stuff from my body and the feeling is just the same.

I did have a medical emergency to deal with last night which did tax my brain and one of my poor fish, the one the kids call NEMO,(there is a suprise)who failed to realise he had become too fat for the ornamental castle in my tank, and was stuck. The resultant effect was that he had become bloated through swimbladder doubled in size and unable to get air, so only matter of time before he would survive. No amount of prodding, swearing, coaching, force feeding would get him to back out of the hole it had become stuck in. You can imagine the scene, just got up feeling very sleepy and having to deal with this medical emergency. My resident fish expert "Lord Mitchell" was too busy having a fun time(axoymoron) at his Lib Dem group meeting, so I decided to cut said plastic castle in half. The only problem would of been I needed to take the castle out of the water, put in water at the same temperature and attempt to cut the plastic in a bowl, minding I do not kill the fish. Of course the difficulty you could imagine was if it did die replacing the fish without being caught because you killed. There would be horror. The kids chose the funky little castle when they bought said stripey, only one like it in the World fish I would be in for huge tears if he was suddenly replaced with a look a like, with one stripe or ounce of weight out of place. Those aware of my DIY skills would of been aware that the fish at this point should of been read the last rights and following the PERNOD moment down the loo. I astounded myself I was able gently to coax it back out one window, then blocking that off, then off, using my fingers force the little bugger out of the plastic castle into the tank, without loss of life to him and limb to me! I can assure you that "Nemo" is fine today, I would say suffering from a little swimbladder but alive and most proberly feeling a lot better than me :)

There is one benefit of the Chemo that is it makes your drowsy and snoozy, that was an art I had lost, but now its is great I can sleep anywhere and certainly open to offers :)

I want to thank loads of you for your messages of support over the past few days I have been in tears of joy reading them. I would like to say thank you to Mark, my nephew for his kind words of inspiration and his recent promotion to Sgt in the RAF, we have never been the tightest of family units but my illness has shown how important we remain as one and I will build those bridges that may have been burnt down. A second big hello to Big John Thompson, not because he is big but I think there was a little John Thompson. I have not spoken to him for 10 years and all of sudden an email pops up and says hi, so best wishes and love to him, Shirley and Ellie.

See life in adversity has its positive sides your emails make me cry. I do cry when you support me, you have enabled me to start to trust people and come out of this protective shell thank you to my many friends.

Must go off to the hospital again, oh I cannot wait for my daily microwaves!

Keep attacking Nigel x

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battypatty said...

DIY and Nigel in the same sentence? Now there's a novelty! I am so glad Nemo survived to swim another day and let's look on the bright side - he won't remember a thing!