Friday, July 08, 2005

Day 49 - Honest it was a Friday

I think I have lost the plot with my numbers but it is 7 weeks today I was told I had cancer and look what has happened.

This is a mega short posting, as although it is only 5pm my bed beckons. My neck is burning and one of the wounds of the surgery looks like it is blistering, I am creaming it 3/4 times a day but will be lucky to get away without serious side effects.

I have managed to eat today, and the tummy is settling down.

Quality of life today feels about 1 out of 10, the black pig is home after her service and that went very well, but the engergy to put her in the water is another matter.

I am trying to be positive today and one of the blessings is my own bed beckons.

KA! N x

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