Sunday, July 10, 2005

Day 51 - Happy Birthday Princess

Today was my daughters 4th birthday party and it certainly was a good little party my involvement was once again limited to the photography department but that enabled me to stay sat down and chilled whilst Sarah and friends keep the children at bay.

It was exceedingly hot but the venue was chilled. I have been very very tired ever since yesterday morning, my stomach ached through the wretching and my kidneys hurt. I was able to find a new balanced re-hydration drink which not only put isotonic quality back into my body but also fluids. I was also able to take my first hot meal yesterday which has continued today as my tastes and my stomach returns to something like 10% normality.

I managed to spend the remainder of yesterday around family and friends and yes a few private tears were shed. I have realised that the support, joy and love my friends give me are vital to my long term good will, however today despite the crippling tiredness I was able to realise that family life is the success to my well being and surrounding myself with those who love me is the key to long term health. It has only taken me 41 years to work this out!

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