Friday, July 15, 2005

Day 56 - Ok lets get a few things straight


It is now time to be upfront with you.

My mouth is getting sore, very dry, my tounge is shrinking, getting white, and its horrible. My throat is starting to get sore. Talking is difficult as my tounge lacks the dextrity to speak at times.

I have 26 more doses of radiotheraphy and 2 more chemo sessions.

It will get worse from here on in, although I have drugs they can only give cosmetic relief. I will be lucky to still be on solid foods by this time next week. Speech will be near impossible.

So I must now warn you it is the next 3 weeks in which I need help, that includes making food, blending, helping, encouragement and serious help. If wish to stay then as I have plenty of room you will be welcome. I need your help you asked me to ask I am now going to ask!

I must warn you it will not be a bag of laughs but it will help me. I will moan, I will not seem to want to talk to you, laugh at your jokes, and say things you think are harsh. However, just forget it trying to rationlise anything from now on is pointless.

Blunt and too the point but I needed to warn you it is going to get hard!


L said...

Hi Nigel

Sorry you're an increasingly unhappy bunny. I do believe there is usually room for humour, even in the darkest hour. I read a quote once about a guy who had cancer of the tongue and was getting treatment. It went like this.
"Geez, he can't speak?"
"Not at all?"
"Geez. I'll call him. He's going to need to talk this over."

I hope you're getting all the 'official' support you need. Seems to be a bit of a post code lottery to me. If in doubt try the Bacup website for advice on dry mouth due to Radiotherapy. Sounds like you may benefit from some spray on saliva - how divine does that sound?????

Happy Saturday.


Nigel said...

Thanks L have all the gear including mouth gel and spray on spit!