Sunday, July 17, 2005

Day 58 - Bland

I was reading an article today in the Observer, 789 people a day in the UK get told they have cancer, now I did not challenge that statistic in terms everyday? weekends? excluding weekends etc but it is a staggering number. Mind you hardly suprising when you consider there are now 200 illnesses that make up cancer.

I have had lots of advice of yesterday but can assure you it was justified. Things were not good orally when I woke up, a razor sharp tounge and throat and expelled blood during the night, soemthing which will be flagged up tomorrow at the hospital. I must admit I did over do it physically and mentally yesterday and deserved the feeling I had this morning. The soundest bit of advice I had this morning was from my friend Jan:

"so feel like shit, moan as much as you like, say things youve always wanted to say and blame it on your illness. sleep, watch telly, and just wait for when things are getting better, and when you better, you will be a better person"

Jan is spot on need to understand I am ill and going through fairly chunky treatment so I need to chill for the next 4 weeks.

I am concerned that I have already become an expert on antiques, holiday homes in Portugal and know every word of the Ocean Finance advert, the one where Carol Voderman tells us at a competitive interest rate of 10.5% we can clear all our debts. Subtle, but the Ocean finance advert tends to be played right during horse racing programmes, now that is a bit like asking me to buy 200 duty free fags! Hey but at least the Ashes and Glorious Goodwood starts real soon so life does has a few ups :)

On that matter I am on my soap box, not not over Carol Voderman and a competitive rate of interest, passive smoking. At the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital there is a separate car park for the Exeter Oncology Centre, you then have to walk 50 metres to the centre for treatment or clinic. In addition all the oncology wards are that end of the hospital. However, there is some sort of sick and obsence joke going on. The staff/patiant smoking bus shelter is next to the Oncology centre, you have to get out your car run the gaunlett of staff and people attached to machines, having a swift fag. For someone who has oral cancer which may have been caused by passive smoking you can imagine my anger at having to run the gauntlett of smokers positioned such a short distance away from the Oncology centre, how sick is that!

Enough of soap boxes, time to get my application in to Ocean finance!

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battypatty said...

I have long felt it was a sadistic mind that put that smoking shelter there. You are not allowed to smoke outside the front main entrance so hey, send them round to oncology. OR - is this a clever plan to say "Look , this is where you could end up". I hadn't thought of that angle - unlikely though. The other day when we went into FORCE a bloke came out in his jim jams pushing his own wheel chair, attached to a drip thingie. He stopped, sat in his chair and lit up - mad. He was obviously taking no chances of the nursing staff having taken all the seats!