Sunday, July 24, 2005

Day 65 - What happened after Mike TV bought it?

Ok I fell asleep with 20 minutes to go in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, just after the bit when "Mike TV" was zapped by "Wonka Television" so what happened in the end I am sure Charlie won the prize but can anyone enlighten me?

Today was tough I managed to leave my wallet in the camper van yesterday. Myself and Steve took the camper van in for MOT ready for Monday. I have always been paranoid about wallets etc and leaving in the van on a garage forecourt was not a good idea. So I was up at 7am into Exeter picked the wallet up and back in bed by 8am getting up at 1330 hours.

I took the children to the fish shop and the airport as they are due to go on their first aeronautical experience very soon and they loved every minute of it, but about 1530 a waved of tiredness appeared over me which I have never experienced before. I got home and was unable to keep awake getting the children sorted then falling asleep on the sofa only managing to wake up when their mum arrived to take them home.

There was a strange incident at the airport but running from the airport building to the car in a rain storm my trousers fell down, yep fell down, an indication of how much weight I have lost and the effect of weight loss. I am seriously considering food options for me when I come home from chemo but a nasal feed tube maybe an option I will have to go for. Today's calorie intake has been just over 1000 calories I need at least 2500 at the moment but just getting down is so hard. I know I will lose another 7-10 pounds this week after chemo so time will tell but I will not hesitate to go for nasal tube feeding should I need too.

One thing I have noticed I have noticed is the mysterious wave of sleep that appears suddenly. The last 2 weeks it appears like a sea mist and sleeping gas which makes me want to go straight to bed.

Its now just 25 hours before the start of chemo and being honest the pain for sleep has overtaken my fear of the next few days, but tomorrow I will be back on the chemo bike and just 3 weeks and 3 days left.

Keep attacking! N x

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L said...

Good luck this week Nigel - hope chemo is more bearable for you this time. Will keep fingers crossed for you. Best foot forward, or, put better... "Head up, Chest out, buttocks tight."
(Blanche, Golden Girls)

Charlie did indeed get his prize...and we left him and his family expecting to live happily ever after in chocolate bliss. Maybe a dip in the chocolate river would aide your calorific input!